The Health and Safety Representative (HSR)

What does a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) do? The role of a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) can be a very important and valuable position. A HSR is an elected representative of a work group (a group of workers within an organisation) that have...

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What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Services to Assist Ongoing Suitable Employment within a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Program Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) In summary, a Functional Capacity Evaluation is an assessment containing a series of tests to determine a worker’s physical ability to meet the functional demands associated with their...

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What is mental ill health?

What is Mental Ill Health? We all experience feeling down or stressed at times.   This doesn’t necessarily mean we have a mental illness, but rather that we all have ‘mental health’.  What determines whether our mental health is a ‘problem’ or not depends on the...

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What is the Queensland Standard 11 Mining Induction

What is the Standard 11 Mining Induction for Queensland Mining Industry The Standard 11 Mining Induction is a Queensland mining industry safety and induction course for anyone transitioning to work in the mining industry.  The Standard 11 training which replaces the original ‘Generic Induction’, was...

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How to Optimise Your Sleep

People spend roughly one 1/3 of their lives asleep. The sleep cycle is governed by the circadian rhythms, Cyclical Biological Clocks that have evolved from our exposure to light and dark cycles, largely controlled by the hypothalamus and hormones called melatonin which decreases during daytime...

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How to Prevent Lower Back Pain in the Workplace

Low back pain (LBP) affects approximately 80% of Australians at some time during their lives and can be a limiting factor for work and life participation. LBP can affect an individual through disrupting sleeping patterns, limiting function and movement and present with pain, numbness and...

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Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Mining Industry

The prevalence of illicit drug use in Australia’s mining industry has become a concern for many people with research showing that if you have worked in the mining industry in 2010 you were eight percent more likely to use drugs for non-medical purpose as compared...

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Should Your Workplace be the Answer to Your Health

It has long been excepted that most of our waking lives are spent in the workplace. With the current trends in disease, disability and depression it stands to reason that the workplace is the ideal setting to implement physical activity interventions. It can also be...

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A Safety Culture Saves Lives

A Safety culture is a term that is offering companies a different perspective to achieve higher standards of safety. This term can be defined as a special place where an individual or group value and have concern for the company and the safety for those...

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