Course Development

Course Development


Our first step is to understand your business and people. With your help we define the project goals and learning outcomes.


We analyse the information and learning outcomes to design a digital concept tailored to your business.


We take the concept and bring it to life! Building your digital learning solution using the latest software and tools.


We can deliver on our LMS, publish SCORM, HTML to yours and even handover all of the source files.

Our Difference

At KINNECT Training, we write and develop bespoke courses specific to workplace health and safety. We strive to understand your people and business goals to create an engaging and results driven training experiences. Furthermore, we develop all our courses with over 20 years of experience in occupational health world, guaranteeing your people the most accurate and up to date training.

Course Showcase

These courses are an example of our previous work. If you are considering creating custom online learning for your organisation, send us a message or call us 1300 591 548 and we can help you achieve business success.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Online Course

The drug and alcohol awareness course takes the learner on a journey through the responsibilities, impacts, implications and testing requirements surrounding drugs and alcohol in the workplace. By the end of the course, learners understand the effects drugs and alcohol have on them and how this impacts workplace safety.

Learners engage with the course through scenario-based learning, sorting games and micro interactions. Check out the below demo to understand how this course can apply to your organisation.

The full course is available to purchase here, if you would like your whole organisation to benefit send a message or call us on 1300 591 548.

Course outline:

  1. Employee/manager responsibilities
  2. Facts and effects
  3. Impacts on the workplace
  4. Testing and what’s involved
  5. Employee/manager implications
  6. Workplace support

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Office Ergonomics Online Course

This course empowers your people to identify and address the causes of poor office ergonomics by providing them with a step by step guide to correctly set up and utilise their workstation.

By working through the lessons in this course, they’ll save themselves from years of potentially serious injuries.

The full course is available to purchase here, if you would like your whole organisation to benefit send a message or call us on 1300 591 548.

  • The risks associated with poor ergonomics
  • How to correctly set up their sitting and standing workstations to prevent injury
  • The simple exercises they can do throughout the day to reduce injury and stay healthy

Course outline:

  1. The body and impacts of desk-based work
  2. Sitting workstation setup and self-assessment
  3. Standing workstation setup and self-assessment
  4. Exercises

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Smart Move Online Manual Handling Course

The Smart Move Manual handling course explores the correct manual techniques for moving objects of all sizes around a warehouse or shop front. During the course, learners are exposed to the best methods of lifting objects with or without equipment and how to perform a team lift.

Along with lifting techniques, the course offers learnings on spotting hazards, the human anatomy and important stretches.

The full course is available to purchase here, if you would like your whole organisation to benefit send a message or call us on 1300 591 548.

Course outline:

  1. Introduction to the human body
  2. The demands of manual handling in the workplace
  3. Safe moving and handling
  4. Stretches
  5. Manual handling equipment

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Our Course Library

We have created many courses like the above that has helped businesses like yours achieve health and safety success. These courses are also available to you. Find out how you can get access to our course library and put it onto your LMS, let’s chat on 1300 591 548!

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