Training to manage hazardous substances risk in your workplace.


Does your workforce know how to work safely with hazardous substances?

People working with chemicals and hazardous substances in the workplace present a real risk to themselves and those they work with. Not understanding the proper handling, storage and safe use processes, or not following the set guidelines, means your workplace is at higher risk of incident and accident. Compliance with workplace safety laws can be jeopardised and important workplace contracts can be put at risk.  and through people not following your correct hazardous substance procedures.

Ensuring all people are competent and responsible in handling hazardous substances is essential.


The message needs to be clear and relevant.

The processes of understanding the risk management of hazardous substances can be detailed. Getting committment to your implemented processes can be improved with well designed and delivered training that imparts the right information in the right way for your learners. The message can be difficult to get across.

Programs contextualised to your workplace, designed and delivered by safety and hygiene specialists with educational background will mean relevance and better learning outcomes.


Know how to recognise the risk, handle and store substances correctly and maintain records.

Manage the risk of hazardous chemicals in your workplace with training that is practical, relevant with demonstrated outcomes on completion.

  • Understand the nature of a hazardous chemical in the workplace and understanding the potential risk to workers;
  • Understand control measures
  • Understand the labelling of containers
  • Understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) and how to access them
  • Understand hazardous chemical registers
  • Understanding emergency management such as cleaning spills, first aid and evacuation procedures
  • Understand the selection use and maintenance of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


How to get started

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