Be ready to apply for the next job in your career

A program to get your application seen


Getting into that next job can be tough. You may have found the job but is the application holding you back?

Missing out on a good job can be tough. Give yourself the best opportunity and know how to customise and submit an application and get the chance at a new career.


The KINNECT Training IT Skills for Job Seekers Program

  • A program to assist in success in job searching by knowing how to effectively edit, store and send resume’s and job applications;
  • A program to provide skills and support in submitting winning applications by understanding how to effectively modify and send or submit a resume or job application;
  • Delivered online through webinar and online activities.


Why this IT skills program?

This program has been developed in conjunction with Rehabilitation Counsellors and other return to work health professionals with the primary goal to help workers transition into new employment. This program focuses on the areas of difficulty often encountered with injured workers trying to transition into a new employment role with the effective use of email and documents in applications.


What will I be able to do at the end?

On completion of the IT Skills for Job Seekers program participants will be able to –

  1. Use basic Gmail functions to send email and save and retrieve documents in Google Drive;
  2. Use Google Docs effectively to compose and edit an email;
  3. Edit and save a cover letter / resume document using Google Docs and Gmail effectively;
  4. Successfully adjust a cover letter and resume to address job advertisement details.


Who is this program for?

Specifically designed for individuals transitioning into new employment opportunities that need some assistance to understand how to edit an application and submit to an employer. It is for those who need to build skills in editing and storing documents and using email effectively to get the application seen.

See the Target Audience tab below for full details.


How is it delivered?

Delivered over 4 weeks with a combination of one-on-one contact, small group webinar participation and online learning. We make sure you have everything you need to get started and support you throughout the time of the program.

See the Outline tab below for full course delivery details.