Workplace manual handling training with a demonstrated knowledge and skills outcome

KINNECT Training’s Smart Move Comprehensive Manual Handling training is designed to change your people’s behaviours when it comes to Manual Handling and reduce their risk of injury with simple, practical and realistic techniques.

  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Demonstrated relevant knowledge and skills for all participants
  • Delivered nationally

This program can be delivered as a generic program or can be contextualised to your business by conducting a site review of the high risk manual tasks performed by your worker’s prior to delivery and adjusting the program to be specific to your workforce. Improving participation and improving outcomes. KINNECT Training will provide a workplace specific manual handling package aimed at educating your workforce on proactive injury prevention strategies and self management techniques relevant to your business. This can include referencing your own risk management strategies, processes and reporting.

Tailoring the training means that you will receive a return on investment as the education provided will make sense to and be implemented by all personnel, resulting in a reduction in your organisation’s musculoskeletal injuries and the costs associated in the management of these conditions.

Delivered by Tertiary Qualified Clinicians (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Human Factors Practitioners), the SmartMove Accredited Manual Handling Program is delivered onsite during times of convenience and incorporates both theoretical and practical components.