Design and deliver manual handling programs that are built for your business.


Effective manual handling programs can help businesses manage the risk of workplace injury and the best way to get good outcomes is to build a program that is suited to your business. The people that know your risks the best are the people involved in the work. Delivering a program built for your business is the best way to get the outcomes you want and make the training relevant for your employees. If you want to know how to design and delivery effective manual handling programs then this is the course to help.

The course is designed for participants to become an instructor in delivering safe and effective manual handling training to their employees. You will learn about common workplace injuries, body mechanics, and lifting techniques. It includes education on risk management within the workplace, and the application and teaching of correct manual handling techniques with a thorough practical component with current industry exposed trainers, assessors and clinicians.

KINNECT Training will help you design the initial program, assist with education and promotional resources and support your business with ongoing implementation.

A thorough and contextualised program of manual handling risk reduction for your workplace.