Office ergonomics for working safely at the office or home


Understand the benefits and limitations of sitting and standing while doing computer work. Learn to adjust your office workstation to reduce fatigue, pain and discomfort and achieve postures that improve health and well-being. Perfect for people setting up for work at home.

This program will teach you how to assess your own work area and make the necessary adjustments, providing a safe and healthy work environment.

The Office Smart – Workstation Ergonomics course will teach you how to correctly setup your office workstation. Whether you are standing, sitting at work by the end of the course you will know how to be office smart.

The course has 5 distinct modules that outline:

  • A basic knowledge of the human anatomy
  • Sitting workstation and how to best set it up
  • Standing workstation and the best practices
  • The importance of changing position and micro breaks
  • 5 stretches that will change your day

and more…

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