Help your workforce be more resilient at work and life – improve workplace culture.

Discover evidence-based methods to help you develop resilience in the workplace and in your personal life too. The ability to cope well with pressure, adversity and uncertainty relies on developing a particular set of behaviours, thoughts and actions. Anyone can learn these skills to increase their personal resilience.

Resilience training will give you the tools to go beyond surviving to thriving on the job.

  • Awareness – knowing the physical and mental signs that you are feeling stressed.  Identifying the triggers that cause and maintain your stress response;
  • Mastering Calm – calming the mind and the body with slow controlled breathing and relaxation.  Ensuring time for relaxation and recovery;
  • Getting perspective – Staying optimistic and keeping a solution-focus when things go wrong. Reframing setbacks and minimising the impact of any negativity;
  • Managing Negative Feelings  Having a good level of emotional awareness and regulation in order to improve our sense of control, feel better and perform well;
  • Building Relationships – Relating to others in a way that strengthens our connections.   Using gratitude and compassion to maintain a positive perspective;
  • Staying Healthy – Maintaining a good level of physical fitness, having a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep. Creating a work-life balance;
  • Finding Your Calling – Having work that offers purpose and a sense of purpose. Aligning work with your core values and beliefs and deploying your strengths;
  • Productivity – Having work systems and routines to ensure things get done and that help you to manage changes and demands in your workday;
  • Work Stress and How to Cope – Use of Work Well Tools to combat the negative impact of common work stress, at the individual level.


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