Master stress management & resilience in your Pjs!

Video Series

Fly through like you’re binge watching a Netlflix series!

Do you feel that sometimes work is way too stressful, exhausting or you just feel burnt out when you get home. You’re not alone, living with too much stress has become the new norm for working Australians.

We have put together a 6-part video series that won’t change your life, but give you some tips to improve it. The videos teach you how to become a master at staying calm, managing negative feelings, and increasing your productivity.

This video series is more than just “meditate and your problems are solved”. We find that this is an unpractical and misused way to manage stress especially when you’re at work. This series provides you with practical exercises that you can easily do at work to calm down and move on with your day.

Video 1 – Stress

This video explains what stress is, where it came from and how to be aware of it. We also throw a stress awareness checklist that you can use to calculate your current stress level.

Video 2 – Mastering Calm

As the name suggests, this video will show you how to master calm. It runs through a step by step guide for two distinct methods of calming down. This video is super useful if you feel like you are constantly stressed and just need to take that edge off.

Video 3 – Resilient Thinking

Resilient thinking is all about gaining perspective on a situation. It’s the 20-20 hindsight you get after a situation has passed. That awesome comeback you thought of 2 weeks later. But it’s all about gaining that perspective in the moment.

Video 4 – Managing Negative feeling

If you’re ever just having a really bad day, you can deploy some of these negativity blasting missiles explained in this vid. This video also covers re-centering. Learning how to re-center yourself can turn you into mr/mrs cool at the workplace.

Video 5 – Productivity

Avoid getting swamped by the piles and piles of work thrown your way. This video explains some easy methods of keeping on top of your work, ways you can prioritise tasks and defeating procrastination.

Video 6 – Putting the tools into practice

Once you’ve learned all you can, you’re now ready to put those tools into practice. This vid will explain some situations where you can use the tools and become masters of stress management and resilience in the workplace.