A Managers program to understand workplace mental health


Good leaders know their teams. They notice what’s going on in people’s lives and are flexible, making allowances for good staff going through hard times. Plus, they put systems in place to prevent as much stress as possible. It helps if you genuinely care about people and have good intentions for the individual and the organisation. It’s as simple and as hard as this.”


Every person at work will either be directly affected by mental illness or know someone who has been – whether it be someone you line manage, a peer, a family member or friend. Equipping supervisors and managers with the knowledge to spot the signs that someone they know may be struggling with mental health issues is something every workplace can do. More simply, we can learn to spot when “someone isn’t ok” and feel confident to help.


A ‘how to’ kit for leaders to support mental health at work

Leadership teams are in a prime position to support and encourage the well being of the people they oversee and by doing so, support and promote the health of the organisation. Supervisors and Managers with skills in understanding mental health in the workplace will contribute to reducing the risk in your workplace.

  1. Staff will be more engaged – engaged staff will be more motivated and productive, morale will be higher and a happier and healthier workplace retain good staff;
  2. Employees care about positive workplaces – being known as a workplace that promotes positive mental health and well being can help to recruit and retain the best and brightest people;
  3. It makes legal sense – when it comes to workplace mental health, employers must follow certain legislative requirements and responsibilities under anti-discrimination, privacy, and work health and safety legislation;
  4. It has a positive social impact – a mentally healthy workplace can improve the quality of life of employees and their families and positively influence community attitudes about mental health.

Get the skills for you or your management team by attending this valuable 1 day course at our location or yours. For more details and enrolment follow the links below.


The KINNECT Training Guarantee

KINNECT Training wants you to be confident and capable in your role in workplace drug and alcohol testing. If in the following 12 months of completing your course you would like to confirm your knowledge and skills you are welcome to come to any scheduled public face to face course for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing – it’s on us!