Make sure your workforce understands their drug and alcohol responsibilities at work.


The KINNECT Training Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program provides your workforce with an understanding on the principles and obligations of all people at a workplace when it comes to the risk of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

This engaging and interactive online program ensures your workforce demonstrates an understanding of how they contribute to a safe and healthy workplace through completion the following topics.

  • Drugs and Alcohol Awareness – an introduction to policy, procedures, responsibilities and work impacts of drug and alcohol;
  • Drugs and Alcohol – The Facts – improving the understanding of drugs and alcohol and their effects on the body and an individuals health;
  • Policies and procedures around testing for drugs of abuse in a workplace;
  • Where to get assistance;
  • Case studies – students will be required to apply the principles learnt in relevant case study activities.

Flexible Industry Leading Training

  • Delivered online via the KINNECT Training LMS or your own LMS
  • Start immediately
  • Company specific contextualisation available
  • Volume based purchases available

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